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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Taken Off of Statins

This may, happily, be my last post for a while.  I know it's been a while since I've posted too.

Since the last post, our family has moved cross country and DH, thankfully, has a new cardiologist.  This was a very good change since this new doctor has more faith in dietary treatment of heart disease.  We didn't know that he would be that way.  We just chose him because he was close to DH's work and had the best reviews from Google.

Well,  he ordered a nuclear stress test for DH, and the results showed no signs of heart disease.  I call that a reversal.  This is what the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease program has proven over the decades, and this is the goal.  It is what we have realized with years of faith in the studies.

His latest numbers  Total Cholesterol 144, HDL 35 (and the doc says because the total is so low he can't see the HDL being able to go higher - this goes against what our previous doc would say), triglycerides 165 (a little high because he eats a lot of fruit), and LDL 76 (very good!).

Yesterday, the doctor said, "Keep doing those natural things that you are doing.  They are working!"

And then he offered to take DH off of the statins.  "What!!!!!??????""  Dr. Martin said DH would never get off of the statins no matter what his numbers were.

But, Dr. Grullion says that the statins are hampering DH ability to exercise and were the cause of his calf muscle exploding two years ago.

He said if DH can reach the 45 cardio three times a week, the statins will not be needed, and he needs to go off the statins to be able to exercise.

Anyway, that is our report.  I will be checking the blog for comments once in a while and answering any questions that come up, but this chronicle was for the sole purpose of following our experiment and documenting the journey to provide hope and education to, particularly, young heart disease patients.

You might check back for updates, but I have a new project brewing, so probably won't be updating much, if any.

Many thanks to those who have followed this blog with an open mind.  The diet works.  DH is our personal proof!  Best of wishes and luck to all of you heart patients out there who desire to take your heart health into your own hands and try this approach.