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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three Months without an SVT

I just have to say that I'm celebrating today that I have gone three months without an SVT.   Now watch, I'll get one tomorrow, because tomorrow will April 1st, and my last one was February 2nd, the one prior to that was October 6th, and the on prior to that was July 12th; just about three months apart.

I can't say why I have been having SVT's every three months, but I'm glad they aren't happening more frequently.

This last span, I have tried several things to keep myself from having an SVT.....

1.  Drink 8 glasses of water per day.
2.  Eat at least one banana a day to keep potassium levels up.
3.  Take 350 mg. magnesium glycinate in divided doses per day.
4.  If my stomach hurts, try not to allow myself to get too stressed out, because I believe the SVT's are being triggered by a nervous stomach, meaning that the nerve (vagus nerve) that wanders through the heart and the stomach might be getting irritated by the stomach and which, I believe, triggers the heart to beat crazy, and each SVT episode has happened when my stomach has been irritated.  Stress makes my stomach even more irritated.
5.  Eat a balanced gluten free low-fat plant based diet (and no sugar)
6.  Try to get enough sleep each night (that is nearly impossible for a mother of seven, but I try)
7.  Try not to get angry.  This goes with not being stressed out.  Every SVT has happened on a day when I have been upset with someone or about something, accompanied by very strong emotions.

So far so good, and I hope to say "so long" to SVT's.

That being said my PVC's have been very frequent this week, but they don't seem to be triggering SVT's which I thought they did.  They are being triggered by being tired.  I can tell.

I'll just keep crossing fingers and report again three months from now if I make it through the next three months without an SVT.  Wish me luck!

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