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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Digestive Gas and Chest Pains

I have had chest pains off and on for the last year and a half.  I've had everything checked out through a half dozen ekg's at various times, a stress echo, heart monitoring in the hospital for 24 hours, plus during two minor surgeries, and in an ambulance when I was being transported for SVT which wouldn't convert.

My cardiologist says I have a structurally sound heart and no heart disease, and it has been determined by him and my gastro doctor that the chest pains are digestive in nature.

Through endoscopy it was determined that I have severe gastritis which produces a lot of gas and burping, and a hiatal hernia which allows that gas into my esophagus.  I don't really have reflux, in that I don't have heartburn going up into my throat, like I used to before I went gluten free, so I know what that feels like, and no that's not happening anymore, and hasn't for three years.  I do believe, however, that gas bubbles are gurgling up and down my esophagus and causing pressure and chest pain.

The other night, another non-cardiac chest pain sufferer suggested this little trick to relieve gas related chest pain.  I tried it, and it works!

1.  Put both hands above your head, and clasp your hands together, interweaving the fingers of your hands.

2.  While clasped, lower your hands behind your head slowly and as far down as you can get them.

This puts pressure on the bottom of the gas bubbles while opening up space for their escape at the top of your torso, causing a burp each time you do it.  You might want to do this in private.

It works for me!  In every case, so far, I've been able to relief myself of my chest pains with this exercise.  

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