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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Amazing Ellsworth Wareham, M.D.

I just happened on this awesome video on YouTube while I was looking for YouTube videos on how to guide my kids to learn computer programming languages.  Wow!  The Internet is amazing!!!!!

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham has been a cardiothoracic surgeon at Loma Linda until at the age of 95.  He retired in 2010  "to spend more time with my family".

He became a vegan about 40 years ago.  He said he never really had a huge taste for meat, but grew up on a farm where it is readily available.  I'm posting this fantastic YouTube video for you to watch.  There are many priceless gems of truth in what he not only says, but has earned the right to say with his 98 year-old vibrance......

Interview with Ellsworth Wareham, M.D.

Like Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. who save my husband's life with his dietary advice, he states that keeping our cholesterol numbers low, he stating 140, Esselstyn stating 150, makes having a heart attack at those levels very, very rare.

He says that since his cholesterol is 117, when he has chest pains, he knows that it's his esophagus causing the pain, or some other structure like a hiatus hernia, which I have found for myself to be true.  My cholesterol is 150.

He also addresses that he recommended to all of his patients a diet change, but most were unwilling to change.  I have also found this to be true.  With my celiac's, I have seen many people with the same symptoms refuse to consider a celiac antibody test for fear it will be positive and they would have to give up bread.  My cardiologist says that his patients wouldn't give up meat unless he chained them to the basement, even with his promises for reversal.

Dr. Wareham states that tastes can be changed in three months time, a person just has to be willing to do it.

The only people that he knows of who have demonstrated the capability of reversing heart disease are Dean Ornish, M.D., and Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D.  and they have done it through recommendations of following, primarily, a low fat plant based diet, and exercise.

Just to point out, when DH had his last stent placed, his cardiac interventionalist told him he'd back in not a long distance of time for another procedure.  What kind of hope that gives to a person as they are leaving the hospital, having just had a traumatic experience.

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham and his message, and those messages of Drs. Esselstyn, and Ornish provide tremendous hope for past heart surgery patients, patients with no surgical options, and people of all walks of life who are genuinely concerned about their heart health.  I believe that God has placed these wise, old, healthy men, on the earth at this time to bless His children with hope in a time when "men's hearts shall fail them."

God bless them for willingly and freely providing their messages of hope and their fine examples of healthy living!

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