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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Off of Bystolic and on with Living

My husband has been off of bystolic for a month now.  Yesterday, this is what he spent his day doing.....

Because his low-fat plant based diet is giving him a good number count, and because the Bystolic was making him not want to exercise, he was weaned off it to see if he would regain his energy, because all he wanted to do was be a couch potato.  Now off of it, he has regained his drive (no pun intended) for living and doing again, and he took on the huge project of restoring our Suburban.

We are grateful for doctors who listen and have faith in him to live this lifestyle.  By the way, the 55 pound loss was making it really hard for him to keep his jeans up yesterday.

Time to go shopping.

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