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Sunday, December 2, 2012

GERD Getting Me Down

In our church, the first Sunday we fast for two meals, and we give the money that we would have spent to the poor.  This Sunday, being fast Sunday, I had the perfect opportunity to learn something very valuable related to my own chest pains.  That it is, indeed, my esophagus that is causing one of my too unnerving chest pains. I also have costchondritis, which I've had since I was 30, in the left side of my chest, so that causes me to take notice when it's acting up.

Today, I fasted for 18 hours, and I haven't felt this good for many days.  While I did feel some gastritis pain in my stomach, I did not have the pressing feeling behind my sternum that has plagued me since February (I haven't fasted as long since my four year-old was born, this was my first time really getting back into it), nor did I feel the activity of something moving in my chest, that makes me think my heart is fluttering that I frequently feel after meals.

This causes me to believe that I do have esophageal spasms after meals, and that eating is causing my chest pain.

My Grandpa has nutcracker esophagus, and my mom, and brother tend towards esophageal pain from time to time, so I think this is what is causing my chest pain.

Why would I write about this on a blog about heart issues?  Because some people are like me.  They feel the pain and think it's about their heart.  Sometimes it's just nice to know that someone else is going through what you are going through.  If someone were to read this blog and have exhausted all heart causes, maybe this will a person with non-cardiac chest pain to feel they have an explanation or another thing to look into for the pain.

However, I would never tell someone to dismiss are cardiovascular cause until it's checked out thoroughly by a cardiologist because of what my DH has been through.

Get the heart checked out first, and then see the gastro doctor.  I have, and she and I have this theory about my esophagus, and today's fasting test proved it out.

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