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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dropping the Fitness Challenge

Last week I posted that I was engaged in a fitness challenge at church.  I was blogging my food journal here on the post Fitness Challenge Menu.

I soon learned, however that the fitness challenge was not what I expected.  It became the domination of one member of the group who felt it was okay to adjudicate the other members, change the slant of the rules according to her realm of opinioin, and given unsolicited advice to other members when encouragement was supposed to be the purpose.  I felt there was a potential for members to have their feelings hurt.

I need to finish the daily menu I started on my Fitness Challenge Menu page, but I found that the food journal, and the angry thoughts I was developing toward this member of the group was stealing my energy away from my family, so I dropped my partcipation.

I'm just explaning the reason for the unfinished business on my menu.

My children and husband always come first, so I will finish it someday when I have more time.

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