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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Lowest Cholesterol Numbers He Has Ever Seen

This morning DH and I went to Walgreens and had them run a lipid profile on both of us, and here are the results.....


Total Cholesterol:  101
HDL:                      22
Triglycerides:          179
LDL:                       44

According to the Esselstyn report DH is currently heart attack proof!!!!!  According to McDougall and Esselstyn, it doesn't matter what your HDL is, no matter how low, if you get your LDL low enough, under 80, you are heart attack proof.


Total Cholesterol:  153
HDL:                       42
Triglycerides:          137
LDL:                         83

DH is still on cholesterol medications.  The pharmacist says, even with the Simvastatin, DH's cholesterol is lower than others get it with Simvastatin, so he could go off of it, if his doctor would approve.  However, studies show that mortality rates are much lower for any person on Simvastatin, so we don't expect him to be taken off of it.

The pharmacist says he does several of these cholesterol tests each week and he has never seen numbers this low.  He was very excited for both of us, but he didn't ask what we are doing.

It is such a comfort that both DH and I are heart attack proof.  With my SVT's, this knowledge gives me comfort that my episodes are not to be worried about.  Because I have these episodes, it is imperative that I do not have cholesterol built up in my arteries, especially my carotid arters, because SVT's can cause strokes in those with plaque build up, and heart attacks with those with plaque build up in the coronary arteries. With DH's recent heart problems, it is a huge comfort to me to know that the only threat of heart attack for him at this point would only happen if the stents he has failed, which is unlikely.

As someone who has never in her life been able to get her total cholesterol down below 200, no matter how much exercising was done, I am extremely amazed and happy to have these numbers.   Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could achieve these numbers.  I had heard of people that naturally had cholesterol levels below 200, and thought they must be exercising two hours a day to achieve such numbers.

When I measured at the hospital I worked at with 235 as a 20 year-old, the doctor told me I had the hereditary kind of cholesterol and scheduled me for checks every six weeks.  Now I know it wasn't heredity that was causing it, it was the scrambled eggs and hotdogs I was having for breakfast every morning.  Yeah, hot dogs for breakfast, gross!

Dr. Esselstyn told us, and I now believe him, that high cholesterol and heart disease are food born illnesses, and those who have hereditary tendencies to both can still eliminate them with a low-fat plant based diet.

I've been testing his theory for a year.  My first cholesterol test, a year ago after being on his diet for three weeks, showed me at 170.  My last test, six weeks ago showed me at 160, and now I'm at 153.  It works, and I'm just another one of his fans that are proving it.

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