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Monday, January 28, 2013

Zeroing in on SVT Triggers - Glutening and the Vagus Nerve

I haven't had an SVT in over two weeks, and each day I get from the last one, the happier I am, and the more confident I am that I can do my mommy to do-list, like driving, grocery shopping, etc.

Today, I did have the "thump" in my chest I always get before an SVT starts.  I was at the grocery store and I was hungry.  That destroys my full stomach theory.  I was tasting fresh fruit samples that they had, a clementine, strawberry, and a mango.  I no sooner swallowed the mango when "thump" went my heart, and a very short 5 second SVT run started.  I recognized it and started to do deep breathing and it went away.  Thank Goodness!  They are so uncomfortable and I did not want to do this in the grocery store.

The common feeling I have had today to all of the other days I've had my SVT episodes is feeling like I have been glutened.

I have felt quite well stomach and heart wise for several days now, but this morning, about 1:00 a.m., I woke up with horrible pain in my small intestines.  It was a typical, "Oh no, I've been glutened!" feeling.  I knew I had been glutened, but I didn't know how.  I struggled through the cramps and pain for an hour and got up and sat in the Lazy Boy until I fell back to sleep.  I slept for 5 hours in the Lazy Boy, so I must have been tired.

When I woke up at this morning, it felt like classic glutening, plugged ears, brain fog, stomach cramps, weak legs, and loose bowels.  I couldn't figure out how I had gotten glutened for sure, because I only ate home prepared foods all day, but lentils are the suspect.

A couple days ago I cooked some lentils that have been notated as gluten free on Hyvee's gluten free web site, but as I was rinsing them off I noticed a few other things in them, some chaff and a few yellow split peas.  The little voice in my head said, "These lentils might be cross contiminated if they have other materials in them."  

I have read that lentils are grown next to wheat, but Hyvee has them on their list, so I thought they were safe.

The only other thing I can think of is that my kids were eating bread yesterday and put their gluteny hands on the computer mouse, the phone, or the refrigerator door, etc.

I've gotten in the habit of washing the refrigerator door handle everyday, but it just occurred to me that the computer mouse could be a problem.

As a family, we are 80% gluten free.  I used to make bread for the whole family, but I've had to give that up because the process of the kids cutting slices of bread from a homemade loaf gets bread crumbs everywhere.  So, I buy them two loves of store bought bread per week, and whole wheat tortillas.

We manage to keep their stuff and my stuff seperate, but maybe yesterday I wasn't so good at it.  Or..... it was the lentils.

But, this one thing I am realizing for sure, that everytime I have had trouble with SVT's my stomach hasn't felt so well.

Connecting our stomachs, esophagus, and hearts is a nerve called the vagus nerve.  It is called the vagus nerve because it wanders (vagus is latin for wanders) through the body and many organs are connected to it.

I'm assuming that the glutening that has irritated my stomach has also irritated the vagus nerve and when it is irritated, I have more chances for my heart and it's conduction system to become irritated.  Perhaps when I ate the mango, the acid irritated my stomach further and triggered a small run of SVT.  I can say that nothing has set well with my stomach all day.

Today I googled PVC's, SVT's and stomach, and came up with a lot of hits from forum participants who noticed that their SVT's and PVC's correlate with indigestion.  There seems to be, at this point, a correlation for me.

I am excited to keep tract of this trend for the future.  Perhaps, being ever so careful about the gluten issue will lessen my episodes.  I have been gluten free for two years, but I still don't believe sometimes that I have celiac's disease and I am not as careful as I should be, but I get lessons taught to me all of the time.

I will keep posting my progress.  

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